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Interviewing Two Legends – Dave Navarro and Courtney Love

Recently I was lucky enough to catch up with the living legend that is Dave Navarro, former Red Hot Chilli Pepper, and most importantly, guitarist for Jane’s Addiction.

The latter are over here in August, and will be performing their debut studio album ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ in full. I asked Dave what the album meant to him 20 years on. In particular I was keen to ask how he felt about the title, as in 2014 rock music has definitely lost something of its ‘shock’ value.

Last week I also caught up with Courtney Love. I only had literally 5 minutes with her, but this was more than enough time for her to tell me all about how she ‘forgot’ about her feud with Lily Allen, nearly falling out with the ‘Boss’ and how she wants more straight guys at her gigs!

Gig-wise, having returned from Live At Leeds I immediately got excited about the forthcoming Camden Rocks festival – a similar setup (1 wristband gets you free entry to around 20 venues, all day) but with a much more Kerrang! friendly line-up! At the very least it will give me the opportunity to see Hacktivist live, who I missed about 5 times last year.

Tonight I’ll be catching Twin Atlantic down the road at, ahem, Dome in Tufnell Park as part of a super-intimate tour looking ahead to their new album ‘The Great Divide’ in August. Their new single ‘Heart and Soul’ is the current #1 on the Kerrang! Rock Chart, and it’s definitely a step up from the band lazily tipped to be ‘the next Biffy Clyro’.

Sacramento, where you at?


Monday sees the release of the second album from Middle Class Rut ‘Pick Up Your Head’.

Their last album, the explosive, but perhaps one-dimensional, No Name Out Colour, came out two and a half years ago, and it’s good to see they’ve spent that time honing their craft and really moving into new, uncharted territories. There’s much more depth, they’re much tighter as a band and the idea that just two people are making such a racket, frankly, is unbelievable.

They’re from Sacramento and frankly there’s traces of everything from fellow Sacromentans Deftones, to Rage Against The Machine and Jane’s Addiction in the mix. To my mind, they also compare to a early 00s Brit hopefuls The Music (man, what a great, great band) albeit much angrier and heavier.

It’s been knocking around for a while, but if you’ve missed the first single from the album, check it out!

Oh, and whilst we’re talking about Californian rock bands upping their game…the new letlive track is amazing.. hold tight for the album in July!