It’s not an overstatement to claim that back in 1994, Korn completely reinvented American metal.

Dirty, downtuned guitars, hip-hop inspired drum beats, heavy basslines, and vocalist Jonathan Davis’ emotive and haunting lyrics spawned an entire genre now known as nu-metal, of which this self-titled album is undoubtedly the Daddy.

In just a couple of weeks time, Korn return to play this, their masterpiece, in its entirety, in London and Manchester. Here are just five moments we can’t wait to experience live…

1. Blind
A simple riff and three words (the infamous, ‘ARE YOU READY?!’) set the tone of what is to come. A generation of imitators are listening closely.

2. Daddy
Quite simply one of the most intense and emotional songs ever recorded, this track is about a child whose complaints about sexual abuse are not believed. The band didn’t perform this song live for nearly 20 years because it was too emotional. They will, however, be performing it this time round.

3. Faget
A huge middle finger to anybody who’s ever been bullied or looked down on for being different. The breakdown at 3:19 packs an almighty punch.

4. Shoots And Ladders
The band call out nursery rhymes for their dark undertones. Also notable for being the first Korn song to feature bagpipes.

5. Clown
This, track four on the record, is written after somebody tried to punch Jonathan at gig in Bakersfield, who in turn got punched by Korn’s manager. Possibly the deepest guitars found on any nu-metal song.