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  1. Nicos says:

    Hi Dan,

    Hope you’re having a good week!

    My name is Nicos, and I am one of the directors at the independent Record Label called ‘Downing Street Records’.
    I want to show you one of our Deep House producer/DJs that we’re working with, ‘Fire The Mob’. He has gained a lot of positive attention in a short space of time; accumulating well over 200,000 views on YouTube and a healthy growth on Soundcloud.

    We recently released the audio to his latest record ‘Ordinary Things’ which has a pre release date of June 30th for iTunes & Beatport. The website ‘Indie Shuffle’ picked up on it and premiered it on their site as well 🙂

    You can have a listen to it here:

    Stream (55,000+ plays):

    Fire The Mob was previously supported by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens with his great spin on Daughter’s vocals of ‘Get Lucky’. He also picked up a lot of heat when he released the official animated video on ‘The Vibe Guide’ based around the seven deadly sins:

    In the short space of time after releasing ‘Ordinary Things’, we have received umpteen amount of views/plays from all around the world. Support from BBC introducing & Ministry of Sound Radio as well as taste makers such as ‘Hannah Wants’, ‘DJ Melody Kane’ (SB.TV), Ricky Simmonds (Ministry of Sound), DJ Cameo (BBC1Xtra) and more.

    I would really like to know your opinion on his music and if it’s something you could play on your Kiss 100 show, or if you could advise me on the specialist producers who may be interested, i understand it probably won’t fit in with Kerrang.


  2. Marcus Ereira says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a relatively new restaurant concept and we have been working on the food markets for quite a while now. Meal n Ease have just agreed to run a pop up this Sunday the 22nd of June in the London, Paddington area.

    We will be offering our food away for free to hungry customers. These customers will pay by uploading photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

    If there is anyway you feel you could promote this pop up to your London foodies, we would really appreciate that.

    And of course if you want to come to the event, that would be great.

    kindest regards


  3. Kim says:

    Merry (and hot) Friday morning to you Dan…or should I say, scorchio! My wifi won’t stretch outside 🙁

    Anyhoo, I’m checking in and sending this track your way to make sure you get female alt-electro rockers The Courtesans on your radar. They’ve been stirring things up and getting folk a bit hot (quite hot) under the collar with their brash style, forthright vocals and this clip for their single ‘Genius’:

    ‘Genius’ is dramatic-as-f*ck, peppered with glitchy reverb and grungy guitar, delivered with spittle, bite and the most feminine of swagger.

    “…dripping with a melodrama, intellect and wispy mystery not heard around these parts since early Garbage and Shakespeare’s Sister” God Is In The TV Zine
    “they’re tight, they’re funky and they’re absolutely terrifying” Never Enough Notes
    “a sensual 4 piece audio and visual experience”, Hellhound Music
    “..saw The Courtesans live and still have not recovered” The Von Pip Musical Express

    The Courtesans’ previous video was featured on, with the likes of Von Pip, Altsounds, GIITV and other tastemakers still “not recovered” from their bold live shows.

    If you want to grab the track for airplay, the link is: The multi-layered recording leaves you discovering more to peel back with every replay. The band are also available for interview.

    Do let me know what you think and speak soon – Kim x

  4. Neil says:

    We’ve got a track which is basically audio magma.

    Let us present


    “Old school rock just got in the DeLorean and rocked out in the future”

    For any other shizzle, holla back.


    Neil – Saint Signal

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