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In Defence of Nu-Metal


I know they’re trying to wind people up. I know I shouldn’t rise to it. i also know that plenty of publications print complete falsehoods on a regular basis, often followed by a minuscule apology when the damage has already been done.

But seriously, have you read this article by Lucy Jones of the NME?


I understand that she doesn’t get ‘nu-metal’. A lot of people don’t. But there’s just so many poorly argued points in this article it beggars belief. To save boring you all to sleep, I’ve narrowed it down to a succinct Top 5.

1. Deftones have ALWAYS been high on festival line-ups, this is not just a recent thing. To claim a band as diverse as this is just ‘nu-metal’ and to discredit their longevity is lazy journalism.

2. The assumption that ‘rap + metal = crap’, by default, implies that Rage Against The Machine are ‘crap’. And I would seriously question any music critic who thinks that.

3. The Strokes did not ‘wash anything away’. I remember vividly Slipknot’s ‘Iowa’ beating The Strokes ‘Is This It’ to Number One in the same week, with 1/10 of their hype.

4. It is accepted by everyone, apart from it seems the NME, that the first rap/rock crossover was Aerosmith/Run DMC’s ‘Walk This Way’, not Anthrax/Public Enemy’s ‘Bring The Noise’ a year later.

5. The article resorts to petty insults about how a band looks to make its point.

However, the point, that REALLY gets my goat deserves a whole separate article. It’s Lucy’s throwaway comment that Limp Bizkit and System Of A Down are ‘sexist claptrap’. Yes, there’s an argument that Limp Bizkit are misogynistic and I accept that. But System Of A Down? Really?!?! I do worry in the wake of ‘Blurred Lines‘ that people can be accused of sexism without being questioned and it’s just taken as fact. But I cannot think of a single lyric, track, album, video, live performance or interview that SOAD have ever done which even has a touch of sexism to it. It is seriously unfair on the band, their fans, or the genre, for the NME to make such a bold statement without backing it up.

Anyway, I’m off to Break Stuff. Keep rollin’ baby, you know what time it is.

N.B I tweeted Lucy Jones last night and asked her to offer an example of System Of A Down’s sexism, at the time of writing I have received no reply.

Sacramento, where you at?


Monday sees the release of the second album from Middle Class Rut ‘Pick Up Your Head’.

Their last album, the explosive, but perhaps one-dimensional, No Name Out Colour, came out two and a half years ago, and it’s good to see they’ve spent that time honing their craft and really moving into new, uncharted territories. There’s much more depth, they’re much tighter as a band and the idea that just two people are making such a racket, frankly, is unbelievable.

They’re from Sacramento and frankly there’s traces of everything from fellow Sacromentans Deftones, to Rage Against The Machine and Jane’s Addiction in the mix. To my mind, they also compare to a early 00s Brit hopefuls The Music (man, what a great, great band) albeit much angrier and heavier.

It’s been knocking around for a while, but if you’ve missed the first single from the album, check it out!

Oh, and whilst we’re talking about Californian rock bands upping their game…the new letlive track is amazing.. hold tight for the album in July!