’40 million records later, I’m still the man’


Whether you’re ‘down with the Bizkit’ or not, and it’s quite possible that you’re not, there’s no denying the fact that Limp Bizkit still being in existence is quite something. This is especially true when you consider that they haven’t really released anything half-decent since 2003, and the clue was in the title when it came to that particular record Results May Vary.

Regardless, their live performances, especially now with added nostalgia, are frankly incredible. Their gig at Brixton Academy in May last year was perhaps the best event of last year, and their mid-afternoon performances at Download and Sonisphere in 2009 provided two of the most fun, and believe it or not, diverse, moshpits I’ve ever had the privilege to run around inside.

This latest track features Lil’ Wayne and with its heavy riff, chest-beating lyrics and hip-hop swagger looks set to become the first moshpit staple since 2003’s Eat You Alive. Check out the video below to see Fred Durst rapping on the toilet.