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Jodie Marsh on Kerrang!



Last week I caught up with Jodie Marsh. She might not immediately strike you as Kerrang! – as many K! listeners argued amongst themselves – but she’s got a cracking new TLC series called ‘Jodie Marsh on…’ where she tackles plastic surgery, mail order brides, virginity and lying cheating men. (Notably when I had Ross Kemp on the show to promote a similar series nobody batted an eyelid!)

By her own admission she can ‘talk for England’ so I’ve kept the full, unedited interview up here. Have a listen and check out the show – she might just surprise you!


IKEA_or_DEATH_avatarIs it a piece of Ikea furniture or a black/death metal band?

After discovering this amazing website, ikeaordeath.com, the only logical thing to do was to play it on the radio.