Edinburgh Fringe Review: David Morgan and Deborah Frances-White


Picking a few highlights from Edinburgh Fringe, another comedian we loved was David Morgan.

And if you have the slightest interest in social media, it’s well worth checking out David Morgan: Social Tool at the Underbelly, every day at 5.30pm. David talks us through how to deal with social media faux pas, how to defriend on Facebook, how to create the perfect background for selfies, and respond to what he calls ‘time shifted rejection’.

He is both instantly likable and hilarious in his delivery. One to watch for sure.



My third ‘daytime’ highlight was the fantastic Deborah Frances-White’s ‘Half a can of worms’ show. I’ve previously enjoyed her ‘How to get almost anyone to want to sleep with you’ at the fringe so was keen to check her new show based around the story of her tracking down her birth parents.

What follows is an intimate 75 minute story of heartbreak, family, love and euphoria delivered with humour, passion and energy by Deborah, raising the all-important question – can you ever leave a half-open can of worms?!

She’s on at the Pleasance at 3.45pm daily.